ℹ️ Introduction



Hi! I'm Jonathan, the Product Director of Texas Product Engineering Organization (TPEO), a 40-person organization at UT Austin building technology for the community and teaching product, design, and engineering to students.

As a large organization, we needed an easy way to track attendance for our members and events. We thought about using a Google Form and Sheets combo, but this was too slow and couldn't account for edge cases such as proper check-in times, duplicate check-ins, and valid users. Therefore, we settled on a Slack bot that could check-in users with a simple command (/tpeo checkin gm) and record the data onto a Google Sheet where anyone on the executive team could add a new event, change event times, or generally be an administrator without a complicated dashboard.

Technology Stack

The pieces of technology used are as follows:

Github Repo and Google Sheet Template to Follow Along With:

Download the code to your local machine and clone your own copy of our Google Spreadsheet to follow along 🙂


<aside> ℹ️ Google Sheet Template


Final Product Sneak-Peek

Oh yeah! And here's a sneak-peek of the final product. As you can see, I try to check-in at first but am denied because the current time doesn't match up with the event time. After I change the date in the sheet, however, it lets me check-in using Slack and it gets recorded in the Sheet.


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